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4-in-1 LED Lamp & Magnifier

Product number: g-cfpl14


99,99 €

4-in-1 LED lamp & Magnifier - Use anywhere lamp: floor lamp, table lamp and work lamp - all in one. Perfect for all types of craft. Battery or mains operated. Comes with chart holder, accessories tray and lamp base.

This white, 4-in-1 LED lamp from PURElite provides natural daylight whatever time of day or night you choose to do your craft or stitch work. Functioning as a floor standing, table-top or clamp-on lamp, it is ideal for wherever you want to pour some light on your creativity

You are not even restricted by the location of a power point as it comes complete with a mains chargeable battery pack – so you can even take it on holiday or take it with you to evening classes.

New! Comes with chart holder, accessories tray and lamp base.

Fully portable, this 4-in-1 lamp is mains chargeable and comes with a battery pack.

The light is provided by 21 LED lights providing maximum brightness and the lowest possible heat

The magnifier is a 6\" (15cm) optical quality glass lens with 2 x magnification all on the end of a flexible neck for precise and easy positioning.

Colour - White

The lamp uses 21 LED Bulbs. LED bulbs have an enormous life expectancy and the suppliers have advised that by using these bulbs it is not necessary to change the bulbs so the lamp is a fixed unit.

This seems to be the way with lighting at the moment, especially on LED lamps. Technology is moving forward so swiftly.

Lumen: 165
Watt: 2.4
Luxe: 650 WEEE 24800761

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