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DMC Coloris - 4512

Product number: dmc-4512

The perfect floss for colorful projects

Coloris is a multi-coloured thread including four shades all in one thread. With its bright colour burst, all shades complete each other harmoniously without getting into one simple gradient of tones. Stitch after stitch, each thread tells a story. Once the colors mix with each other cross by crossthey createe a design. For the use of the Coloris thread stitch each cross one by one to get a beautiful gradient. Each stitch will be unique according to the used color. Six stranded cotton, 8 meters per skein

Product number: dmc-4510
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Product number: dmc-4509
1,39 € *
Product number: dmc-4503
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Product number: dmc-117FPE12VAR
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