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Super SALE! DMC Wooden Vintage Collectors Box Pre-Filled with 120 DMC Cottons

Product number: dmc-7600C

Get a free magnifying glass with this box!

322,00 €

Get a free magnifying glass with this box!

This wonderful chest of drawers contains a skein of DMC stranded cotton in every colour. An exquisite piece with a vintage-style design,

this gorgeous chest is as beautiful as it it useful and will look beautiful in any room.

Allowing for an easy organisation of the skeins, either by number or by colour, this chest comes with 120 skeins.

Dimensions (w x d x h): 22 x 27 x 22cm, with 3 pine wood drawers.

A list of the included DMC Strang Colors is on the list ...please look at the photos!

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