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Tokareva bead embroidery - WEINE NICHT

Product number: tk-34-1008

Bead embroidery

Attention delivery time may vary!

We source these embroidery kits from the Ukraine. Unfortunately, the known situation may cause delays.

The delivery time can take up to approx. 8 weeks! The items that can be delivered immediately can be recognized by the small special price.

Nevertheless, we do not want to do without these extraordinary articles.

 Please only order these items if you agree with the sometimes longer delivery time,

because the indicated 5-12 working days do NOT apply here.

Thank you for your understanding!

Bead embroidery kit includes 14ct Aida, beads by czech company "Preciosa" No. 10, floss, chart, marker, needle, organizer for beads. Size: 28 X 36 cm

Product number: AND-SANN-16
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