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Super SALE Two On Self Stick Mounting Board

Product number: foamboard

Cuts into any shape.

15,99 €

Cuts into any shape. Used by professionals as well as home crafters, this Hi-Tack,

repositionable, adhesive coated mounting board is easy and economical to use. Perfect for fabric, needlepoint, artwork, embroidery and more.

This board is an absolute necessity for anyone wishing to mount and display any form of needlework. Acid free, chemically inert. High tack,

pressure sensitive adhesive for precise centering of artwork. 3 mm  thick chipboard. 16" x 20"

Product number: ve-vb37, PN-0011197
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Product number: ve-vb14, PN-0011190
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Product number: ve-PN-0011196
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Product number: S56963
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Product number: S57372
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